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Excellent quality

Founded in 1997, TECHNOSCAVI is a company that has solid experience.
Originally created as a general construction company, the company has specialized since its origins in the production of special road works.
Since 2005, Technoscavi has expanded its areas of interest in Italy and abroad in all sectors of civil engineering and to be a stable place among the leading Italian companies to make tunnels, subways, railways, motorways and natural and artificial infrastructures .

The company has extensive experience in construction, maintenance or renovation, thanks to the use of specific special technical means for all underground operations, regardless of their importance, and their related, complementary or accessory works, point or network. These structures include, for example, natural tunnels, subways, tunnels.

It specializes in particular in the construction of tunnels. His professionalism, reliability and seriousness recognized by important Italian and French customers have been acquired through the completion of road tunnels, subways and related special structures such as green earth / reinforced soil, gabions, reinforced concrete structures, tunnel consolidations, pillars and cutting anchors. .
All the experience of the technical direction in continuous evolution and constantly updated, the long experience of 20 years of our operators, latest generation equipment and machines have consolidated an important market position of the industrial structure of considerable organizational and management capacity, the staff highly professional and a large number of vehicles and advanced equipment that manage many construction sites at the same time.

The company has a technical, organizational and production structure that has around 160 employees, thus allowing important interventions to be made in advanced engineering even in difficult environmental conditions.

Through continuous investments in technological and professional innovation, the TECHNOSCAVI strategy aims to strengthen the position of strength acquired in the construction sector in Italy, to consolidate its presence in the country, and to develop its activities in emerging markets abroad.

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